Rough Drafts of Shepard Fairey’s 2012 Campaign Posters Leaked To Press

October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

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SATIRE by HOWIE SWAIM | Reporting from Washington, VA | October 16, 2011

Street artist Shepard Fairey, who gained notoriety for designing the Obama “Hope” poster, was none too happy after learning that drafts of his 2012 campaign posters had been leaked to the press.  “Dude! That like so sucks!” said Fairey upon hearing the news.

Still, the 41 year-old skateboarding enthusiast was gracious in explaining his designs:

“OK.  Right.  So like Barack is like texting me like every ten minutes begging for a new poster and like he’s all stressed out about like maybe losing the election and shit.  And so I’m like, ‘Calm the fuck down dude!  Geez, like smoke a bowl or something.’  So like the next day he shows up at my place with a couple of totally skunk spliffs and tells me how he’s all worried about this Cain dude—dude used to like deliver pizzas or something.  Anyway Barack is like all freaked out that he’s gonna like get his ass handed to him in November.  And like BAM! it hits me!  I mean like get this… people like pizza, right?  Right.  But what do people like even more than pizza?  Think about it…Bacon!  I mean, I know, like totally brilliant, right?”

Early reports indicated that most Americans were extremely receptive and “quite moved” by the new campaign posters, with 62% of those polled saying that they “really liked bacon,” had not been aware that the President liked bacon too, and were far more likely to vote for him as a result.

Meanwhile, desperate for Fairey’s assistance and endorsement, former quasi-candidate Sarah Palin made a sad little attempt at grabbing headlines by vowing to “Occupy” Shepard Fairey’s front yard.  Mrs. Palin quickly abandoned her plans after Mr. Fairey reportedly texted her that the only logical slogan for her campaign was “TOAST!”


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